Dynamic Subtitle Translation

Dynamic subtitle translation provides real-time translation of video subtitles, making it easier for viewers to understand content in their preferred language. Ideal for educational videos, international content, and live streaming.

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Watch foreign films with real-time translated subtitles
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The most seamless multilingual viewing experience. Watch and stream videos in any language without leaving your favourite platforms.

Real Time Video Translation

Detects the language of the video you are watching and dubs it in realtime to any language in real time

real time video translation

Real Time Subtitling

Detects the language of the video and adds subtitles in your chosen language in real time

real time video subtitling

Supports 30+ Languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and other popular languages around the world

support different languages

Supports popular streaming platforms via Chrome Plugin

Stream videos on Youtube, Facebook and other popular video players. Let our AI go to work and translate it into your chosen language on the fly.

popular streaming platforms

Supported Platforms

We are continuously adding support for more video streaming and video call platforms. Here are some platforms that we are working on.

For watching video streams

streaming platforms

For live video calls

video call platforms

For creating LIVE content

live platforms

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